PG Harmonica
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Early Days: Peter born in London has been playing harp for many years since his teenage days in the 27th Willesden Boy Scout troop and then at youth clubs and events. His interest started with the 12 hole Chromatic Harmonica (with the button on the side to also play the half notes like the black notes on the piano). His enthusiasm for New Orleans and more contemporary jazz also led him to take up the guitar and he was fortunate enough to receive lessons and guidance from the renowned British guitarist Ike Isaacs who explained the formation of chords and music charts.
Git le Cœur - The Beat Hotel
Paris: Peter then adventured to Paris with his artist pal Mike Kay after giving up a secure position in the clothing world as a factory manager and found himself living in the now infamous Beat Hotel and experiencing the freedoms of the French Anglo American scene and its creative atmosphere of the 60s (pre Beatles era) which has had a lasting influence on his life and music.
PG busking
He met up with other Brit musicians and started busking the streets on guitar and harmonica with Robin Page a Canadian Painter and they formed quite a formidable duo playing the French Cafe’s, Cinema Queues, River Boats and even the Champs Elysees (As well as for the police when taken to prison one night !!). Then with Mike and two Lambretta Scooters from Italy they set off on a journey across Europe and the Middle East which ended up 20,000km later in Jerusalem!! PG continued to busk on the epic journey when in the South of France and then on various radio stations including Turkey and Jordan as well as gypsy weddings and local celebrations and even on TV in Beirut.
London again: These adventurous days had set the scene and then back in London his love of the blues and rock n roll developed and he began playing the 10 hole diatonic harmonica or Blues Harp (Mouth Organ ) which gave an alternative mode of expression to the Chromatic with its particular note bending character. It was the Troubadour Club and then the UFO Club hippie scene that further captivated his enthusiasm.
pin badge
American Influences: In the 1980s/90s he went on various USA Blues Cruises and to Harmonica Festivals such as Buckeye and Spah as an enthusiast of wide range of American music with a particular passion for the harmonica and met like minded players in the growing harmonica fraternity as well as the original masters of harmonica customising Joe Filisko and Richard Sleigh.
Stretching the Blues
Stretching The Blues: Peter realised his dream in the late 90s creating his own CD Stretching The Blues playing Chromatic and Blues Harmonicas with great British musicians including a great horn section led by arranger Pete Thomas with Mike Sanchez on piano and special guests Doris Troy, Slim Jim Phantom and Otis Grand. Its live band launch then followed at London’s Cafe De Paris to a large and enthusiastic audience with additional guests Leo Sayer and Kid Creole.
The T-Bones: Combined with his love of 1940s/50s American jump and swing bands he formed The T-Bones with a particular enthusiasm for T-Bone Walker’s combo rhythm style, playing to various audiences including the Chelsea Arts Club, Queens Tennis Club and The 100 Club as well as a few dives and cool Battersea Pubs. The band has been reformed with a new line up of top echelon musicians from autumn 2013 to continue its slogan “Jumpin’ and Swingin' The Blues".
Cafe Django
Cafe Django: The Harmonica music that Peter has been developing since the early 2000s is exemplified through his band Cafe Django with its dedication to the incredible spirit of Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt with violinist Stephane Grappelli and The Hot Club de France’s famous music from the 30s and 40s. The band through its years has played various London venues including Chelsea Arts Club, The Arts Club Dover Street , Momos and Le Quecumbar etc. It features leading musicians of the style from a 4 piece with two guitars and double bass to a 5 or 6 piece with accordion and violin and even to an 8 piece with a third guitar and saxophone (0r clarinet). We forgot to mention that PG also sings in his own style on a few numbers when it can add to the mix and atmosphere.
Larry Adler
Larry Adler the harmonica virtuoso played 4 tracks with Django which was a formative moment in the instruments history and influenced Peter’s love of gypsy swing jazz. In 2001 PG was invited to play at the celebration of Larry Adler’s life and put together a group with the great guitarist Diz Disley who had brought Stephane Grapelli back to the UK in the 70s and championed fresh interest in the music. PG still considers this invitation was a huge and almost unworthy honour to be treasured!!
Diz Disley
In 2010 Peter was also invited to play at the evening to celebrate the life of Diz Disley at the Half moon Putney organised by Dick Laurie and many of his musician friends. Diz had been an important influence on PG as well as a good friend who supported his endeavours into the unknown realms of gypsy jazz and swing and they played together on several occasions.
Peter Golding Harmonica
Peter’s approach to the harmonica is exemplified by his dedication to the spirit and feel of the music beyond its technical detail with a foremost consideration that the audience is there to enjoy the full ensemble of the evening. He plays chromatic and diatonic and selects what he considers is the instrument’s most suitable key for the particular piece, which is termed in harmonica speak as ‘position’. So in a given piece there might be possibilities between the key of the piece to be played and the actual key of the harmonica to be used depending on mood and circumstance.
Peter Golding Harmonica
“Considered an outsider who follows his own rules and described by The London Fashion Weekly as ‘The Eric Clapton Of Denim’ Peter Golding created the first ‘designer jeans’ line in 1970, Introduced Bleach Denim to America and created the First Stretch Jean in 1978. His famous ACE boutique in London’s Kings Road was a great hit with celebrities for many years. In 2004 he was invited by The Queen to Buckingham Palace in recognition of his contribution to British design.”
“When the spirit is there the music will follow..” PG
Peter Golding Harmonica